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EAG Painting & Decoration Inc. gives the best interior house painting services in Piedmont, CA, and the surrounding areas. We gained that solid reputation because we have been transforming lives through our precision, attentiveness, and flexibility in crafting and communicating. We achieve that by valuing your involvement in the making of your personal space. Discover how our interior house painting services and deals can boost your home lifestyle today!

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Full-service Interior house painting

Experience the full spectrum of our interior house painting service in Piedmont, Oakland, CA and nearby areas. Before we apply any paint, we ensure perfect preparation. We do drywall repair, staining, and carpentry work to ensure your painted surface will remain stunning for more years. As we enhance your home, we increase your home’s value. With our attentiveness and accountability, your living spaces will radiate elegance and charm.

Our skilled team at EAG Painting & Decoration Inc. specializes in cabinet painting service that will leave you in awe. Using top-notch techniques and premium Benjamin Moore paints, we’ll turn your dull cabinets into timeless showstoppers. Plus, we ensure a seamless process so you can utilize your cabinets asap.

Walls give a sense of comfort and privacy to any home. Let our expert painters protect and beautify your walls at home with our advanced techniques and premium choices of paint. Through that, we ensure that every corner gets the most quality application. In addition, we’ll secure your furniture and fixtures during the process to provide a high-safety environment.

Reach for the stars and give your ceilings a touch of celestial beauty. Our skilled team will brush away the old and paint your ceilings with colors that will make you feel like you’re walking on sunshine. From cloud-like whites to vibrant hues, we’ll make your ceilings the crowning glory of your space.

When it comes to trim painting, we’re a cut above the rest. Our meticulous painters pay attention to every little detail, ensuring that your trim is as sharp as a tack. We’ll paint it to perfection, adding the finishing touches that will make your space look like a million bucks.

Wave goodbye to outdated wallpaper and say hello to a fresh start. Our team will roll up their sleeves and peel away the past, leaving your walls as clean as a whistle. Whether it’s floral patterns that have seen better days or psychedelic prints from another era, we’ll remove them with a flick of the wrist and prepare your walls for a new chapter.

From patching up holes to smoothing out rough spots, our drywall repair service is the bee’s knees. We’ll make your walls as smooth as butter, securing your home into a sanctuary you can enjoy for years. Our skilled craftsmen will work their magic, leaving your walls looking flawless and ready for a coat of paint.

Transform your wood surfaces into works of art with our top-notch staining services. We’ll enhance the natural beauty and life of the wood, making you a sustainable home owner or manager. Whether it’s your deck, furniture, or cabinetry, we’ll make them shine like a diamond and give your space a touch of rustic charm.

Bid farewell to outdated popcorn ceilings and embrace a modern transformation. Our skilled team specializes in expert popcorn ceiling removal or knockdown services, ensuring a clean and contemporary finish. We prioritize your safety by adhering to proper protocols, especially when dealing with popcorn ceilings that may contain harmful asbestos.

Get ready for a top-notch paint project that starts with thorough preparation. Our skilled team will diligently sand and prep your surfaces to achieve a flawlessly smooth finish. We’ll pay close attention to every detail, addressing imperfections with precision to ensure a pristine canvas for your paint application.

Experiencing Our All-Inclusive Interior House Painting

You can enjoy the benefits of our full spectrum interior house painting expertise in Berkeley, CA and nearby areas. By choosing us for your home’s interior, you can save a ton of energy, time, money, and other resources. Being awarded OSHA certification means we ensure that the durability and safety we bring are a bang for the buck. 

Give us a call at 510-851-8860 for a free estimate of our complete interior house painting package.

Bespoke Interior House Color Selection

Choosing the right colors can dramatically enhance the way you feel about your space. Colors create specific ambience or mood that can resonate with you personally or the places and seasons you’ve experienced. Our expert team offers personalized color consultations to help you navigate the vast array of options and select the perfect hues for each room. Delve into the symphony of colors, meticulously curated to harmonize with your preferences, lighting nuances, and the very essence of your design aspirations.

Contact us at 510-851-8860 to schedule your free estimate today!

Best Versatile Interior House Painters

Our friendly experts are versatile in adding color and finesse into every corner from walls, trims, to cabinets, creating a masterpiece within your home. Plus, we can help in assessments and inspection to ensure you get the most quality value. Even our customers still enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive services and they show their appreciation by sharing positive reviews!