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Rejuvenate your cabinets with EAG Painting & Decoration Inc., the premier cabinet painting service provider in the The East Bay region. We guarantee a precise finish that can withstand daily functions around spaces filled with cabinets. The expert results we bring and the seamless customer service experience we offer made us the go-to cabinet painters in Piedmont, CA and nearby areas. Explore how our cabinetry services and deals can benefit your life today and the coming years!

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Join the ranks of our happy customers who have experienced the exceptional painting services provided by EAG Painting & Decoration Inc. in The East Bay region. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Our strong commitment and consistency in applying our values to every paint project has earned us a stellar 5-star rating from our valued customers.

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With over a century of combined experience, our skilled team at EAG Painting & Decoration Inc. brings extensive expertise and craftsmanship to every project. Trust our seasoned professionals for outstanding results.

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Protect your investment against the The East Bay elements.

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Top-Quality Cabinet Painting You Can Trust

Full-Service Cabinet Painting in The East Bay

Time to experience the advantages of our full spectrum cabinet painting expertise in Piedmont, Oakland, and Berkeley, CA and nearby areas. Our professionals have the best expertise to unleash the full potential of your cabinets. We are attentive listeners ready to deliver finishes that will leave you in awe. It’s how we learned to offer a myriad of options to ensure your cabinets become the envy of your visitors and the eye candy of property buyers. From budget-friendly solutions that allow you to keep your existing cabinets to a wide range of color choices that suit your personal taste, we got it for you.

Instead of tearing out your cabinets and draining your bank account for replacements, we offer an affordable solution to give them a new life. With our skilled painters and cost-effective techniques, you can give your cabinets a makeover without breaking the bank.

EAG Painting & Decoration Inc. understands the value and durability of your existing cabinets. Our cabinet painting services allow you to keep those beloved pieces while giving them a fresh face. Our team of experts will work their magic with brushes and rollers, transforming your cabinets into stunning showstoppers.

Whether you’re into calming neutrals that whisper serenity or you prefer vibrant hues that scream personality, EAG Painting & Decoration Inc. offers a variety of color choices for your cabinets. Prepare to be blown away as we turn your kitchen or bathroom into a canvas of delightful shades.

Our eco-friendly practices not only beautify your space but also contribute to a sustainable future. We use low-VOC paints that won’t leave your home smelling like a chemical factory. By choosing our cabinet painting services, you’re taking a step towards a greener, healthier environment and showing Mother Nature some love.

Give your home a facelift and watch its value skyrocket. With our cabinet painting services, your kitchen or bathroom will go from drab to fab, capturing the hearts of potential buyers.

Dependable Cabinet Painting Services

At EAG Painting & Decoration Inc., we ensure cabinet quality that is beautiful and reliable. We apply that not just in our cabinetry results but also to your experience with us. Our painters utilize industry-leading methods and premium Benjamin Moore products to ensure this stability. We are flexible—from cabinets requiring a complete transformation to only needing refinishing and resurfacing touch-up, we are the ones to call. So, don’t hesitate to choose our cabinet painting service in Berkeley, CA and nearby areas.

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Cabinet Refinishing & Resurfacing

Renew the beauty of your cabinets with our expert refinishing and resurfacing services in Albany, El Cerrito, and nearby areas in The East Bay region. Our skilled craftsmen will carefully strip away the old finishes, repair any imperfections, and apply a fresh layer of paint or stain to breathe new life into your cabinets. With our attention to detail and precision, we’ll ensure a smooth and flawless finish that enhances the natural grain and texture of the wood. Experience the transformation as your cabinets regain their luster and become the centerpiece of your space.

Top-Performing Cabinet Painters

When it comes to cabinet painting, we take pride in being the best in the business. Our team of highly skilled painters possesses the expertise and artistic vision to create stunning results that exceed your expectations. With our meticulous techniques, premium materials, and eye for detail, we bring out the true beauty of your cabinets.